Aviation Insurance Aurora, CO

Aviation is the part of insurance that responds most quickly to changes in the financial markets. Some years aviation coverage is competitive, some years the insurance companies have a take it or leave it attitude.

Your friends in congress passed legislation which has more than doubled the rates for mechanics and repair stations. Other than that, aviation is becoming more competitive and we now have a number of companies that want to quote coverage - even if you've had an accident or an incident.

It is very important that you select an agent who will represent you correctly when he talks to the insurance companies. Any bad information or incomplete applications will make the customer look bad, even though it was the agent's actions that caused the problem.

Be sure that your agent properly presents the following information when you are going for a quote:
1. All of your experience and ratings
2. All details of any claims in the last five years
3. Any additional training that you have taken - i.e., wings seminars, mountain flying, dual for a higher rating or certificate

Finally, because most brokers can talk to most companies, you will do yourself a favor to use only one broker to market your account. If several different applications arrive for the same customer, the company doesn't know which one is right, and the customer looks bad.