General Agency Corporation

Our agency was founded in 1952 by my godfather, Robert H. Blum. Blum was a real heavyweight in my business. I mention him on the off chance that you might be a 60-year-old insurance industry heavyweight and be impressed. Blum invented group purchase liability insurance and wrote it first for a national account, the Pepsi Cola Bottlers Association.

My dad bought the agency from Blum in the 50's and I bought it in the mid 1970's. I have kept at it because insurance is pretty interesting. I know that's hard to believe. Consider this: I have insured customers who:

1. Had diamonds inlaid in their front teeth
2. Chased criminals with helicopters
3. Are figuring out how to make rocket fuel on the surface of Mars

People want to know: "Is your insurance company going to be around here when I have a claim or need service?" Our agency will be here. We have been in business almost 50 years. Customer service is the most important part of our business and we do it well. That is why we continue in business.

For the future, I have daughters who are 13 and 16 still living at home. (Yes, I am a little old for that, but I married a girl who is too good looking for my own good.) Count on me for another 10 or 15 years in business in Aurora.